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General rules of loyalty program G-Card

The loyalty programme E-Card is aimed at providing upper standard advantages to all registrated customers. After the registration there is a card for the customer free of charge. The card enables getting advantages in the form of bonus points given for the betting money and many other advantages given for visiting all gambling houses with the logo E-card.


The conditions of membership in the loyalty programme E-card

  1. The member of the programme E-Card can be only individual person older 18 years old after completing and handing in the application form to the programme E-card, who agrees with general conditions and who full fills the condition of membership. There cannot be accepted any legal entity and businessman. There is not any legal demand for the membership. Multi-membership is not possible. After giving the application form to the company Multigate a. s. the membership is accepted. In the case of any dispute about the membership in E-card programme, the final decision is up to the company Multigate a. s.
  2. There are two levels of the membership registration-either discreet or complete. During discreet registration the customer edits only his/her nickname and cell phone number. The complete registration is possible after all and truthful completing the application form for membership.
  3. The member of the loyalty programme E-card will be given a bonus card. Every customer can be given just one bonus card. In case of losing the card there is a possibility to ask for replacement which can be given only to the customer who completed the full registration. After verification according to the ID there will issued a new card and the number of points will be preserved.
  4. Each of the bonus card is protected by a pin code which will be automatically generated after sending the registrated form by sending the text to the registrated phone number (Czech code). The PIN will be required during every transaction, editing personal data or during the losing or exchanging the card. The customer must protect the card from losing, abusing or giving to anybody else. The company Multigate a. s. is not responsible for any harms caused by abusing or losing the card. In the case of losing the card or forgetting PIN code there will be generated a new PIN code by the service of registrated gaming house and sent to the customer by the form of the text to the cell phone number.
  5. The members of the club E-card cannot be employees of the gaming houses.
  6. The membership in the E-card programme comes to the end for these reasons:

a. The member of the E-card programme chosing the discreet registration and afterwards there was losing the card or the PIN code and there is not possibility to text to the registrated cell number.

  1. The member of the E-card programme did not use his/her card for the time longer than 6 months.
  2. The member of the E-card programme used false data in the application form.
  3. The member of the E-card programme acted on the contrary with the general conditions or he/her abused advantages of the loyalty programme E-card.
  4. The member of the E-card programme called off his/her agreement with processing his/her personal data in the written form which is the condition of the membership in the loyalty programme E-card.
  5. When the membership comes to the end consequently there is the end of all advantages and demands connected with the membership including all bonuses which were not used.

Rules for getting the points and awards

  1. Registered members collect bonus points for playing on the terminal VLT supporting the loyalty programme. The points are automatically given after inserting the bonus card into the VLT terminal.
  2. This award is possible to be given max once per a day in the all net of gaming-houses providing the loyalty programme E-card.
  3. There is an award for the complete registration. This award is given to a customer who is registered completely in the loyalty programme. The condition to get this award is betting 1 000 Kč on VLT terminals supporting the loyalty E-card programme.
  4. Award for name day and birthday. This award is given to the members of the loyalty programme E-card with the complete registration. The bonus is given on the card in the form of points during the visiting the gaming-house and playing on the VLT terminal supporting this loyalty programme in the following 10 days after the name day or birthday of the club member. There is a call to this possibility of getting award by the form of texting.

The amount of awards and the value of points

  1. One points equals 1,- Kč (one point=jedna Koruna česká)
  2. From all bet money on the VLT terminals by the E-card member there is imputed a percentage share from bet amounts in Kč.
  3. Awards for entering to the gaming-house:
  • For the descreet registered members 5 points.
  • For the complete registered members 10 points.
  1. The award for name day 100 points.
  2. The award for birthday 100 points.
  3. The disposable award for complete registration 200 points.
  4. Texting action according to the current offer.

The awards for collected points


The member of the loyalty E-card programme can exchange the collected points on his/her card for prices according to the current offer for example exchange for credit for the game on VLT terminals operated by the operator.


The protection of personal data in the loyalty E-card programme


By signature the customer on the application form agrees with providing data to the company Multigate a. s. which will be procesed in according with the statute number 101/2000 Sb., about protecting personal data. This data will be used by the company Multigate a. s. for their marketing and bussines activities connected with the service in the loyalty E-card programme. The agreement about processing with personal data the customer provides for the period which is necessary, the longest for 20 years. The customer can cancel off his agreement in the writing form and the loyalty programme provider will deal with the data in according to the law. Every customer is obligated to inform the E-card programme provider about any change in personals data in any gaming house to enable to provider to update the status of the E-card member. The customer agrees with sending the trade information connected with support, development and maintenance E-card programme according to the status number 480/2004 Sb., by texting to his cell phone.


The final assessment


All prices in the loyalty programme are not legally enforceable. The provider has the right to change the general conditions of the E-card programme any time, especially conversion coefficient for the bet to the game. The provider has the right to stop the E-card programme activity in reasonable cases.

The provider has the right not to accept the points which were not according to the general conditions and at the same time not to accept the points counted up due to technical mistake or failure or points counted up during the cancelled transaction.

These general conditions are valid from 2.10.2014.


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